World’s First Virtual Choir @ TED


Working with both TED and Skype, we were briefed to develop a one-of-a-kind live collaboration with Grammy award-winning composer Eric Whitacre to celebrate the closing of the TED2013 conference. Our brief was to bring his work “Cloudburst” to life in a way that had never been done before, supporting Skype’s brand promise of bringing the world together (with Skype technology acting as the connector).

Working with Eric, we brought his vision to conduct a choir from all corners of the globe to life, live at the conference. Marked as the world’s first live virtual choir, we worked with TED, Skype and Eric to combine 100 local choristers and a choir of 30 people, live from 30 countries to close the conference.

The activation was a perfect marriage for Skype to showcase such innovation at one of the world’s most culturally revered events. Combined, the video performance of ‘Cloudburst’ has over a million views across TED.com and YouTube with very little PR support.