Skype Sound Branding


With over 300 million users globally, Skype is one of the world’s most loved and recognized brands. We worked with Skype to create a sonic identity system that would unify communications, build brand equity and increase affinity through the consistent use of music and sound.

We began with a discovery and audit phase, gaining insights into the brand architecture, design principles, brand identity, competitors, and best practices to inform our strategy and framework. This enabled us to create a consistent harmonic landscape and palette of sounds that directly express the core brand principles. We then developed a premium catalog of original music tailored to and owned by Skype. We also created new suite of UI sounds for each of Skype’s three main apps: Skype, Skype for Business, and Skype Qik.

Our research and analysis of Skype’s then-current suite of sounds allowed us to maintain and grow brand equity when launching a new cleaner and more modern sound. This process involved establishing a tonal center, applying learnings from the semiotics of sound to express key actions occurring within the UI, and creating a bespoke “Skype” instrument. Our audio branding work led us to a large-scale initiative to develop infrastructure to manage all Skype audio assets.